Date: Tue, 26 Feb 2002 12:59:59 -0500

Author: Rick Tarara

Subject: Electronics Instructional Kits


We're looking to replace our HeathKit electronics training kits. We need
something that covers basic electronics (ohm's law up through RLC circuits)
and then provides some transistor, diode, and op amp training. Simple is
better--I actually have a middle-school set from SWITCH ON that is not too
far off the mark--the picture of the 8-year old kid on the box might be a
bit of a put down for our students though. [I know...get a different box!]
The nice features of this kit is that everything is modularized, reusable,
and everything snaps together. You can build audio amplifiers and radio
receivers with the set! Problem is, the documentation is gee-whiz--tells
you how to build it with the parts, but nothing about how it works. While
we could sit and write our own instruction manual that does this, we would
rather not! ;-)

Any recommendations in terms of equipment or companies? We want something
'hands-on', therefore would shy away from software based, simulation



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