Date: Sun, 24 Feb 2002 21:58:18 -0600

Author: (Karl Trappe)

Subject: Re: Lead Bells


Clarence: You be in the drivers seat...You can pretty much name your
(reasonable) price because you are a sole source for this long ago
discontinued item. I would like to have several for my Department (as
Andrew indicated) because we have a very old one that has been severely
abused, and any future ones can expect the same treatment over their
lifetime. Thanks, Karl

>Clarence, Our lab would be delighted to have one the bells made.
>At 10:25 AM 2/24/02 , you wrote:
>>I have finally figured out an efficient method to cast dinner bells, such
>>as the one I brought to a meeting several years ago, and have been working
>>on ever since.
>>How many shall I bring to the Resource Room at Boise?
>>Clarence Bennett
>>Oakland University
>>Rochester, Michigan
>>248 370 3418

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