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Subject: Re: Field mapping --Part 2


They are a standard item in most office supply store catalogues. I got some
from local Office Depot. I have tried using various metal bits, washers, T
straps etc from hardware store holding them in place with the aluminum
pushpins Unfortunately there is a large voltage drop between the metal and
the paper which confuses the issue.
Does the glue cause any kind of a drop when using the aluminum tape?
I am unfamiliar with the SEM double etc. What are they?

Don Mathieson
Tulsa Community College

kail secrest
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Just wanted to pass on some info on the way we decided to do the field
mapping lab that uses the conductive carbon paper. We have absolutly hated
using the silver pens, as they seem to dry up immediately, and we can't use
paint brushes and silver paint because of the fumes. We have found a better
method using foil tape for the parallel plates and SEM conductive double
adhesive carbon dots for point sources. As for the rings, I have painted
them on with nickel paint and we reuse them. For the probe, we use a
multimeter test probe that I supply in each kit. In this manner we have
acheived much better results than the old oxidized copper plate way.

Anybody know where to buy more aluminum thumbtacks?

Kail Secrest
Ohio Wesleyan University-Physics Dept.
Delaware, Oh 43015
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