Date: Wed, 20 Feb 2002 10:46:15 -0700

Author: Jerry DiMarco

Subject: Re: Dump truck connectors


There are probably several advantages (and disadvantages) to a long
drawbar on pup trailers. But the reason for their existence may actually
be due to state laws requiring a certain spacing between axles on heavy
trucks. I had thought it was to reduce lateral stresses on tires in
cornering, since the wheels on a pup trailer are not steerable. But I came
across some info about dump trucks that mentioned state trucking
regulations. So the guy who said it was for weight distribution may be


At 2/19/2002 12:22 PM, you wrote:
>Does anyone know why the rear dump box on contemporary dump trucks is so
>long? I have asked a driver who said it was for weight distribution.
>Another said it was for cornering. I thought it might be so that they can
>dump both boxes without disconnecting. If anyone really knows the answer to
>this could they let me know?
>Thanks in advance,


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