Date: Sun, 03 Feb 2002 21:08:42 -0500

Author: Dick Heckathorn

Subject: FW: Special Relativity


Greetings, I got this email today and am not sure how to answer it. Are
there any of you that can? I would then forward the answers to the

Thanks Dick

Mr. Heckathorn,

Today we had a debate tournament, and well, i wasn't necessarily
concentrating on the debate and my mind started to wander to physics.

I was thinking about Einstein's Special Theory of relativity. Ok, here
is the unknown...what i was thinking about.

If you were to set up an experiment whereby a steel ball was attached to
a steel rope, which was connected to a rotary device that was capable of
spinning the ball at the speed of light.

Here is the question.

>From the Inertial point of view (or any point of view since the speed of
light is the same in any reference point) would the ball look as a ball
standing still in time, or rather, just look like a ball at rest?

Or would it look at though the ball was a complete circle, no breaks,
just a complete cicle--i hope this makes sense.

Now, i am also under the pretense that at the speed of light, there is
no such thing as time. Is this correct?

if you are traveling at the speed of light, does time stand still, a
sort of 3rd dimension? or is the completely false? Becuase if there
was no time, would the ball really be moving?

I have been reading/will be reading more on this, b/c i was a bit
comfounded by the answer. I hope that my questions made sense--you can
see by the time that it's a little late to make sure things are

I hope you're having an enjoyable weekend.


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