Date: Sun, 17 Feb 2002 09:42:52 -0500 (EST)

Author: Andy Dougherty

Subject: RE: messenger services


On Fri, 15 Feb 2002, Steve Anderson wrote:

> kail secrest wrote:
> >Does anyone else have a problem with students loading messenger services on
> >How do we stop them?
> Have Norton Ghost rebuild the system or anything that changes, overnite.
> Rules are ineffective against AIM.

We also use Ghost (, but less aggressively. At the
beginning of the semester, I make one image for each of our labs. (Each
lab, of course, has slightly different software and hardware, and needs
its own image.) I deploy that image at the start of the semester (using
Ghost's multicasting), but then generally leave it alone for the rest of
the semester. If a student fouls something up, then I re-install the
clean image from a CD-R/W I made with the image. Otherwise, I tend to
leave it alone. During the course of the semester, most of our machines
aren't altered significantly enough to affect their performance all that
much. Perhaps we're lucky.

Symantec Ghost offers the ability to remotely manage clusters of
workstations, which looks quite attractive, but tread carefully. I had
problems getting it to work here. Our department spans several ethernet
'subnets' and it proved difficult to get Ghost to cross subnets. Be
prepared to enlist the cooperation of your computing services department
if you have a complex network topology.

Andy Dougherty
Dept. of Physics
Lafayette College, Easton PA 18042