Date: Fri, 15 Feb 2002 13:47:08 -0800

Author: George Weremczuk

Subject: Re: messenger services


Our lab computers have a program called Deep Freeze installed. All changes made
to a computer by a student disappear when the computer is rebooted. It is also
apparently hacker-proof. If we want to make changes or add software we can
"thaw" the computer with 4 keys pressed simultaneously and the entry of a
password. Currently I am the only member of the physics faculty who knows the
password. When the computer is "frozen" again, only changes made during the
thaw are kept. So far we have had no problems with viruses or unwanted software
installation. A portion of the hard drive is set aside to save files that won't
disappear on reboot.

The program is made by Faronics Technologies.
George Weremczuk
Physics Laboratory Faculty
University College of the Cariboo
Kamloops, BC

kail secrest wrote:

> Does anyone else have a problem with students loading messenger services on
> lab computers? We cannot seem to stop them from loading software that
> eventually leads to us getting viruses.
> How do we stop them?
> Kail Secrest
> Ohio Wesleyan University-Physics Dept.
> Delaware, Oh 43015
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> fax: 740-368-3999