Date: Fri, 15 Feb 2002 09:00:01 -0800

Author: Steve Anderson

Subject: Re: VDG/Tesla coil


Reply to: Re: VDG/Tesla coil

Geoff Nunes wrote:
>Not in a situation like this. Replace the bulb with something
>conceptually simpler: a capacitor. Connect one lead to the Telsa coil
>and leave the other floating free. That free end will have a fairly
>good sized oscillating charge on it. The bulb is like that. The coil
>shoves a bunch of charge to the far end of the tube and then yanks it
>all back, generating some light along the way. No connection to "earth"

s Geoff, that summarizes it well, now it is a capacitance demo, too!
The frequency and intensity of the discharge depends on where down
the tube you hold it. Shorter length, faster sparks with less pop. Holding a longer length down the tube gives slower, bigger, brighter strikes.
The discharge is between your hand and the point on the bulb closest to sphere.
I insulate the metal on both ends (heat shrink caps tied with tye-wrap)
and touch the tube about 6-8 inches in. You can play it like a trombone.

There is also distinct tug and then repel feeling, when it fires.
That hypothetical plate capacitor would probably physically ring a lot with that free end.

CSU Sonoma