Date: Wed, 13 Feb 2002 09:13:48 -0500

Author: James Braunsdorf

Subject: Re: heat transfer


I have not had time to try this idea but I think it could be dramiatic if it
works. It is based on the tale that Archimedes(as I recall) had soldiers
with polished shields set fire to the sails of enemy ships that were

I have a bunch of foot square mirrors that are sold for tiling walls. I
would set a cardboard box on the ground with the open side facing north and
a piece of black paper taped inside the opening to hang down as a target.
(This being to avoid drafts and keep too much convection effects down.)
then let the class members stand in an arc and reflect sunlight from about
twenty mirrors on the black piece of paper.

I would expect that it would heat up rapidly.

Jim Braunsdorf
Mishawaka High School

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