Date: Mon, 11 Feb 2002 09:08:01 -0500

Author: "Andrew J. Graham"

Subject: Re: new subscriber


Good morning Mary,

As Karl mentioned, PIRA membership is not a requirement for membership on Tap-L,
but I do strongly encourage joining PIRA.

The easy way to join is to send me the information. I need the email address
that Karen will be posting (and receiving) messages from. This is an important
point, the Tap-L list is locked, so one may post only from a subscribed
address. Other addresses generate nasty messages from our listserve saying your
aren't a member. I'll be happy to subscribe her from here. Just send me the

andy graham
Tap-l adm wrote:

> I have a friend, Karen Matsler, who would like to be on the Tap-L list serve.
> How does she subscribe?? I don't remember how I originally did it. Does she
> need to belong to PIRA - I am sure that would be OK.
> Mary Winn