Date: Sun, 10 Feb 2002 22:27:06 -0600

Author: Kossom

Subject: RE: Weird Color Phenomena



From: Jim Kernohan
Sent: 2/9/02 4:13 PM

>But when I looked closer, I saw something odd.
>Where there was glare from the overhead florescent lights, the ink was
>blue. When I looked where there was no glare, it was green, with glare,

>Any idea what I was seeing?

I don't know what you were seeing but I have some further observations.

The whole thing started by accident. I had purchased a TI-89 calculator, and
I wanted to identify it as belonging to physics so that it would not
evaporate away. They have a space on the back to scratch an indentification
onto it, but I wanted something that would be obvious from a distance. On my
TI-83, I had written "Physics" with a black Marks-A-Lot (brand name of a
marker). Although the case is dark, the physics had stood out well.

The TI-89 case, though, is black. Grabbing a red Sharpie (another kind of
permanent markers) from desk, I wrote "PHYSICS" on the case. Unfortunately,
the red didn't stand out at all. Sigh. At an angle though, I saw the word
"PHYSICS" in *green*.

Green? I tried the other colors. None would show up on the case, but all
would reflect as another color when looked at an angle. No one else at
school thought that this was interesting, but they did confirm I wasn't
going insane. I don't have all the color pairings here, but it seems like
none repeated.

At first, I thought that it might be some sort of bizarre thin film
interference, but finger prints didn't seem to effect it.

Marc Kossover