Date: Fri, 28 Sep 2001 08:45:01 -0700

Author: Doug Johnson

Subject: Re: file extensions & adopting standardized programs


(PIRA Universal Demo Form and Sample)

For those interested in adopting standardize forms and programs, here is my
idea of what we could use to submit demos to PIRA and have them collected
and posted on a website or burned on a CD for yearly distribution at the
AAPT Summer Meeting. I would be more than glad to collect them and burn
the cd's. How many would be in favor of using the form to do that from now
thru next June as a test project? Everyone who participates would get a
free cd next August!! Any changes to the form needed? ....Doug

PS.. Thanks Chele for posting the form and sample form on your website!

PPS.. I found in making this form available, the gif format worked the best.

Interesting places to visit on the web!

Cal Poly Pomona's Demonstations

PIRA 200 Demonstations List with Pictures

Pictures from Summer 1999 AAPT meeting in San Antonio, Texas...

Physics Instructional Resource Association Website

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