Date: Fri, 21 Sep 2001 16:59:34 -0700

Author: Doug Johnson

Subject: Re: file extensions & adopting standardized programs


You hit the nail on the head! Thanks for sharing your thoughts. One
more comment in addition to his. Sometimes drawings by hand are easier to
do for some folks. Scanners can be used in those cases to generate a jpeg
or gif file. Then being able to share the idea in a timely manner is more
likely to happen. As you said Zig, I just need the idea, not all the
detailed drawings. ....Doug

PS.. It would be nice to have a standard demo layout sheet to submit demos
by hand or by machine. Maybe a PIRA approved submittal form with all the
basic info in place. I have one that I use here at work that I will modify
and have it posted on Machele's website for viewing(if she doesn't mind).

>Taplers, the most imortant thing to remember here is that the lowest common
>denominator [ie format] for the drawings is the most important thing here.
> All the palaver about drawing programs doesn't mean a damn thing if the
>drawings don't get into your hands. I personally won't waste my schools money
>for a good CAD type programme. Use Paint or the equivalent if it MS it is
>mac/pc friendly and we all can see what I or anyone else is talking about.
> I have a number of demo sketch' I have generated along the way that are
>just that, the imortant thing is that YOU get the general idea take it to your
>machinist and have them build it. If your machinist's are like mine they
>take a
>reasonable sketch and convert it into machine language and build it anyway you
>tell them.
> My guys love it when I roll into the shops, they know it will be a fun
>project with some practical and even fascinating ideas transmitted from its
> The part of the reason the LDDP died was the demand for machine drawings!
> TOO MUCH WORK for any one school to take on!
> That is not the driving force rather the driving force is getting the idea
>in your hands and heads.
> How you do it is up to you and the requirements of your school, our
>machinist have two different languages for 4 machines, they will build
>from a a
>back of the envelope sketch if necessary.
> If I send you sketch and you have a detail that bothers you look in my sig
>file get my phone # and call me, that way it gets done and we don't get caught
>up in the myriad details that will kill the project before it ever gets
> I can whip of a Paint sketch fairly quickly, it takes hours and hours to
>produce a good machine drawing in a CAD programme.
> That's a lot of 2 centing but that's how I feel. Zig
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