Date: Thu, 20 Sep 2001 13:43:37 -0400

Author: Machele Bailey

Subject: Re: file extensions & adopting standardized programs


You can also select how many colors when saving gif files....and they're much
smaller than bmp....but that certainly is another option!


Rick Tarara wrote:

> You need to be a little careful with jpeg for detailed drawings. There are
> reconstruction artifacts due to the compression techniques and figures with
> lots of single pixel wide lines can get a bit fuzzy. The bit-mapped format
> *.bmp uses a lot of memory but keeps the image in the original form. With
> black & white drawings, the size of the files can be OK since you only need
> to save in 2-bit color, but for photos you can end up with files of several
> million bytes! Both Macs and Windows do bmp as well.
> Rick
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> Subject: Re: file extensions & adopting standardized programs
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> > I believe that the jpeg format is the best for me and the work that I do.
> > Most everyone that I share things with can view it and print it on the PC
> > or Mac. I also think that it will have a longer shelf life or be readable
> > by computers for many years to come. I really dislike seeing our good
> work
> > get lost due changes in media storage and defunct software programs (or
> > through software updates).
> >
> > My two cents worth... Doug
> >
> > PS.. It would be nice if PIRA would adopt a standardized set of computer
> > programs so that we could share files easier. Such as Word, Excel,
> > Filemaker, Photoshop, QuickTime, etc.. Then at our summer meetings, we
> > could burn a data cd with every ones new files, distribute them to
> members,
> > and have great ideas to work with all year long!
> >

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