Date: Wed, 05 Sep 2001 15:35:58 +0200

Author: Urs Lauterburg

Subject: RE: scope


And I bought the TDS 3032 300MHz last year in November including the VGA
adapter here in Switzerland for about US$ 3600.- which looks like a good
buy then. This scope is a very nice tool to have.



Urs lauterburg
Physics Edutainer
University of Bern

>Dave and Cliff,
>I just bought two weeks ago a new Tektronix TDS3012 ( two channels ) for
>and the TDS3VM VGA port for 431$.
>The TDS3014 ( four channels ) cost 4904$
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>Subject: Re: scope
>I checked our records and I was mistaken about the price. It was $3915 and
>the VGA port was an extra $395. We bought it from Newark.
>Sorry if I got you needlessly excited.
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>Subject: scope
>> > Tektronix TDS3014 'scope (about $3K as I recall, got it at a discount)
>> Cliff: Where were you able to get this scope at that price? And did
>> you buy/use the TDS3GV interface unit for the VGA output into the
>> projection systems, or is it necessary to purchase something else? How
>> much $$?
>> All the best,
>> Dave