Date: Tue, 18 Sep 2001 11:52:32 -0400

Author: George Collison

Subject: Re: CHAT: WTC discussion.


>Anthony Lapinski wrote:
>>This is a PHYSICS forum -- nothing else! Please chat in private! I'm here
> >to learn about physics, not the terrorist attack. That's what TV is for...

I can dearly understand a desire to get to normal. I can't go there yet.

Two verified reports of interest:

BBC World News Sunday Sept 17, noon GMT
BBC reported that $200 million additional insurance was purchased on
the Iraqi consulate in NYC two weeks before the attack.

The consulate is 3 blocks from the former world trade.
Who knows, it could have toppled instead of imploded.
One wonders if anyone showed up that day to shuffle papers.

Wall Street Journal Tuesday Sept 18, page one.
M. Massoud dies of results of wounds from a suicide bombing six days earlier.
Massoud was the charismatic head of the Alliance, the opposition to
the Taliban.
A film crew, allegedly from Saudi Arabia, was interviewing him.
The cameras were bombs.

It is very hard to imagine the level of planning and sheer vitriol
that went into all of this.