Date: Fri, 10 Aug 2001 09:01:51 -0400

Author: sampere

Subject: Re: Tile Wall Illusion


That's a cool effect, but I don't see what you see. I see the peripheral areas
taper to a point while the area I'm looking at appears trapeziodal. I just
'built' one in Publisher and I'm printing out a 4' x 3' version on my poster
printer. If anyone in interested, I can just send you the .pub file (it took
about 2 minutes to make) and you can bring it to a local print shop and have
them print it out. I guess the tiles look nicer though, but much more costly
and time consuming to make.


Doug Johnson wrote:

> Take a moment and go to the PIRA homepage, you will find a picture I took
> of a wall at the Exploratorium in San Francisco. Click the picture to get
> the enlarged version. All the tiles are perfectly square and are in line
> horizontally. All the grout is gray in color. Between the black tiles it
> looks whiter(?) than at the other points in the picture. It is a great
> sight to behold in person, especially up close. I have had many requests
> for a copy of this picture from my faculty here at Cal Poly. I thought all
> of you might be interested as well. ...Doug
> or
> PS.. I want to thank Chele for posting it on our website!