Date: Thu, 12 Jul 2001 08:07:24 +0200

Author: Urs Lauterburg

Subject: Re: Projectors



We have had very good experiences with the SONY VPL-X600E, making a very
nice and bright image, syncing in to any screen resolutions within XVGA
from any conceivable PC brand we have tried, This projector makes very good
color saturation and one important fact, Sony guaranties an only 10% loss
of illumination within 90% of the lifetime of the bulb. This is something
to watch out for, because some projectors would drop their intensities very
quickly after a few hours of operation. They would look nice and brilliant
when new, but after a few weeks of use they loose their initial brightness.

Hope this helps


Urs Lauterburg
Physics Edutainer
University of Bern

>Could anyone recommend projectors for computers in different price
>ranges. I'd especially like to know brands or models to avoid. Are some
>of them faster than others and better suited for fast computers, movie
>clips, etc.? The current recommendation of the sound driver was very
>Gordon Shepherd
>Greensboro College
>Greensboro, NC