Date: Fri, 22 Jun 2001 08:13:28 -0400

Author: "John L. Hubisz"

Subject: RE: Sutton book - Reply



I use OmniPage 10 and rarely have errors in character recognition and this
is not the latest version! When I do get errors they are related to weird
fonts, fancy headlines, poor copies, stray marks, and so on. Sutton's book
would not present these problem as far as text is concerned.


>Ladies and Gentlemen,
>I have a couple of thoughts regarding the Sutton project.
>If you are going to use this book as a reference, it would be nice to be
>able to search for key words or phrases. This means that it must either
>be typed or scanned with character recognition software. With the
>state-of-the-art of character recognition software the last time I looked,
>I would not even consider it.
>On the other hand, you could scan the demonstration pages and type in the
>index so that you could quickly find key words, and do some sort of quick
>reference to the scanned pages so that you would not have to thumb through
>lots of scanned figures.
>I think you need to be careful if you scan so that you have a reasonable
>size display on the computer monitor and it comes out at a reasonable size
>when you print it. We have done this for homework solutions, and found
>the pixel rate to be about 90 dots per inch. Unfortunately, this low rate
>results in a rather crude and unprofessional looking document. If you do
>use greater pixel rates you can get nicer looking documents, but they take
>much more space and are much slower to load. The document size may be
>mitigated by going to black-and-white, but we have had more success iin
>getting a good product by using grayscale. If the original book is rather
>old, or it is a photocopy, black and white may give poor results.
>Overall, I would suggest investing the time and money in re-typing the
>whole thing. If you hire a good typist, it should be possible in only a
>couple of minutes per page, or less than 3 days effort. (2 minutes per
>page times 500 pages with 8 hours per day and throw in some resting
>time for the old Carpal-Tunnel) Some of the PIRA people can scan the
>pictures, make adjustments as necessary, and compose the final book.
>I guess another clean option is a PDF file, but it would also have to be
>re-typed. Can you search for key words in a pdf file?
>Perhaps the Google search engine should be applied for use with this
>Dick Berg

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