Date: Wed, 20 Jun 2001 13:13:57 -0500

Author: Clifford Bettis

Subject: Re: PIRA Resource Room at the Summer Meeting


I may have misunderstood the use of the Bauder Fund so please put my comments about it use
on hold until I get things sorted out.

Sorry for the confusion.


Clifford Bettis wrote:

> I want to encourage everyone to contribute to the resource room at the Summer Meeting.
> If you're new to PIRA here is what the Handbook says:
> 166. IV. PIRA Resource Room
> 167.
> 168. 1. (This is straight from the pre-94 Bylaws) The PIRA Resource Room
> 169. shall be held at the AAPT Summer Meeting. A room will be staffed by
> 170. members of PIRA during the majority of the Summer Meeting to
> 171. provide catalogs, manuals, and publications of interest to people who
> 172. design and construct instructional physics apparatus as well as those
> 173. who manage instructional laboratories, lecture demonstrations, and
> 174. other teaching centers. Media and software should also be available
> 175. for review.
> 176.
> 177. 2. Selling in the Resource Room - It was decided at the 1994 annual
> 178. meeting that only PIRA Members could display sales items in the
> 179. room, with an accompanying address for information. Only PIRA can
> 180. collect money in the room (source - 1994 meeting minutes)
> In addition to the above, we also are supposed to provide back issues of the Newsletter
> for purchase. If you have a demonstration (that doesn't involve an open flame) you
> would like to put on display, that would be welcome too.
> If you wish to ship stuff for use in the Resource Room, there is money from the Bauder
> Fund to help. To take advantage of it, keep your shipping receipts, and I will provide
> you with vouchers to fill out for reimbursement.
> The shipping directions are as follows
> There are two addresses for shipments to Rochester. If it will arrive before July 22,
> they need to use the warehouse address; to arrive July 22 and after, they use the site
> (Convention Center) address.
> Warehouse - need to use this format
> To: (Your name) and #429
> For: AAPT 2001
> C/O: Arata Expositions, Inc.
> 1575 Emerson Street
> Rochester, NY 14606
> Site shipments - use this format
> To: (Your name) and #429
> For: AAPT 2001
> C/O: Arata Expositions, Inc.
> C/O: Rochester Riverside Convention Center
> 123 East Main Street
> Rochester, NY 14604-1619
> Site shipments will not be accepted by the convention center prior to July 22, 2001.
> Cliff Bettis