Date: Thu, 14 Jun 2001 22:15:02 +0200

Author: Urs Lauterburg

Subject: Re: Sutton book



I would really be interested in a copy of this book. I am trying to get an
issue through antique bookstore chains but whenever the book occasionally
pops up it is very quickly gone again and I have never been able to get one
myself. Maybe we could place a collective order and share the copy and
copyright expenses that way.

Thanks and kind regards


Urs Lauterburg
Physics Edutainer
University of Bern

> I recently contacted the Permissions Dept at McGraw-Hill Education to
>get permission to copy Richard Sutton's book, "Demonstration Experiments in
>Physics". They replied that the book is in the public domain. But they
>added, to be absolutely certain that the copyright has not been renewed by
>another publisher or individual, I should ask the US Copyright Office to do
>a copyright search. A copyright search costs $65 and takes 8 to 12
>weeks. I'm not willing to spend that much money without checking around
>first. Has anyone gone down this path already? No sense doing the same
>search twice.
> If no one has done a copyright search yet, and since this information
>may benefit many on the list, would it be appropriate to ask PIRA to pick
>up the tab for the search? Am I right in assuming that we could freely
>copy and distribute the contents of the book if it is in the public
>domain? For those of us who do not have this book, it would be a great
>addition to our demo reference collection. Is anyone else interested? Is
>PIRA interested?
> Jerry
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