Date: Thu, 14 Jun 2001 15:11:01 -0400

Author: Machele Bailey

Subject: Re: Sutton Book


I will follow through, Doug...but I can't promise how long it will take!!!


Doug Johnson wrote:

> Another comment about collecting money for web services. Right now I feel
> that the "accountability factor" would need to be clearly defined and
> upgraded from what it is currently. Then, how we are going to spend it,
> needs to be clearly defined as well. Doing things at no cost and helping
> the masses learn and teach better is a far nobler cause. I would rather
> PIRA not get into the rats nest of problems that money brings. (including,
> tax exempt status and reporting to the IRS)..
> ...My two cents worth. ...Doug
> PS.. It is worth $10 to me, not to have to fill out the paper work,
> waiting for approvals from committees, to get a good idea started after a
> 10 month delay.. By that time the person may not be as interested or able
> to do the project. The only question I would have, is the person doing the
> project going to follow through. For $10, I will take the risk.

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