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I think the key issues for legally copying any copyrighted material are:

1) that you credit the author,
2) that you DO NOT profit from the use of the copies made

These apply to partial or whole copies of the work (in whatever media

If the book by Sutton is out of print, and the publisher does not want to
"re-publish" it, PIRA could ask for permission to copy the book and
distribute it to its member SO LONG AS IT IS DONE IN A WAY THAT DOES NOT
GENERATE A PROFIT FOR PIRA. Otherwise, a royalty must be paid. However,
members could pay for the cost of the media to provide the copies.

Another route (although unlikely) is that PIRA formally requests the
publisher to DONATE the copyright to the association. This may be suggested
to the publisher on the grounds that PIRA is a non-profit organization.
Then, of course, PIRA can do with it whatever it wants.

It is great that Chele has volunteered to do the work needed, let's make
sure that we stand firmly on legal grounds so that it does not "blow up in
our face".


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Ok, here's my 5 cents worth:

As webmaster and secretary for PIRA, I'd be willing to post the book...I
the web space (and can get more) and the tools to make it happen, and I'd
volunteer my time to convert it to electronic format if someone else will do
copyright search. I also have the tools to make it available on CD. The only
thing I'll need is a copy of the book...

As for charging, we could go through PayPal...they accept credit cards and
charge a small fee to handling the stuff as a third party (as all processing
places do). I own my own online store and this is the method I use. They do
the accounting and all the treasurer has to do is log on every now and then
move the funds from their holding account to our PIRA account
electronically. If
fact, I think this would be the way to for membership fees...forget cash and

I will start bugging our computer guy about the "members only" access to
portion of the PIRA site. When the passwords protection is in place, we can
the item in the members area, in the public area or both and charge
amounts if we want. Perhaps this would be a boost to our membership if we
offered this for free as part of the membership fee.


brian holton wrote:

> I'm not sure you want to get into dealing with cash or checks, and I doubt
> anyone has the ability to accept credit cards (well some of us do and I
> would be willing to do that for us if that is the way it went). I bet you
> can sell public domain stuff - afterall, isn't that what Dover books does?
> BUT, do you really want to sell stuff? What is the mission of PIRA? To
> spread that word I thought - doesn't free distribution to all make sense?
> On the other hand, you could make some money to fund PIRA activities - I
> know Bauder Fund (set up by NJAAPT I might add) has funded PIRA activities
> and sales of the Sutton Book, and anything else that comes our way, could
> fund PIRA activities directly. Of course, then you are opening an
> new can of worms - dealing with and distributing money. And my advice is
> stay as far away from that as you can.
> On the other other hand, why don't we (PIRA) write our own demo book -
> corresponds to the DCS - in our own way and then have that published and
> sell it - let the royalties pay for PIRA stuff. Oh geez, I've got to stop
> taking this Ginko Beloba - it's making me think....
> Brian Holton
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> PIRA could charge for access to it's electronic version of public domain
> materials. I'm just throwing that out as an idea. It obviously would
> be a high-profit item. PIRA has occasionally sold items to the physics
> community.
> Michael
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> Can you charge for something that is Public Domain? I think it would be a
> good item to be paid for by PIRA if the current officers elect to do so.
> As for web access, that is a great idea! ...Doug
> PS.. I will donate $10 to help in the cost of that search, if no other
> means is available. Contact me directly if you need a check.
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