Date: Thu, 28 Jun 2001 09:31:52 -0700

Author: "Harvey S. Picker"

Subject: Re: help


The link _appears_ dead if you received the URL with a line break,
e.g. after the "h" in "html". I tried to format my message to avoid
this, but apparently didn't succeed. In any case, just edit the
message so the URL is all on one line with no breaks, and you'll get
to "Powers of Ten". (Strangely enough, it's not obvious where to
find this on the home page of Molecular Expressions.)

Hope this helps.


The link you sent is dead.


At 01:08 PM 6/27/2001 -0700, you wrote:
>> I am looking for "Tacoma Narrows Bridge Collapse" video disk, does anyone
>>know where I can purchase this video? How about Powers of Ten? Thanks.
>Dear Don,
>A new version of "Powers of Ten" is available on your computer at this URL:

>Hope this is of some help.
> Best wishes,
> Harvey Picker
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