Date: Mon, 19 Feb 2001 10:45:56 -0500

Author: "Ramon O. Torres-Isea"

Subject: Re: physics question



The center of mass of the system does not move, but because all the water
collects to the right of the center of mass, the cart must move to the left
to compensate. Please, see my original posting (quoted here for

"If there is no net horizontal force on the cart-water system, the center of

mass will not move. If water collects to the right due to the drain hole,
car must move to the left (to keep the center of mass at the same spot). If

the system is made up mostly of water, the drain hole will end up right
the center of mass."

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Paul Hutchison wrote:

> How about this...
> The cart does not move because the horizontal position of the center of
> mass of the SYSTEM does not change. I would be willing to bet a quarter
> that this is the correct answer. Any takers?
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