Date: Wed, 07 Feb 2001 20:24:06 -0500

Author: brian holton

Subject: RE: Dry Erase Board


I think it was Andy who pointed out, several years ago and I thought it was
such a brilliant idea that I still remember it, that the plastic stuff
people use to line showers makes a nice white board. It's light, easily
cut, but there is some residual ink after heavy use, but hey, "real" white
boards suffer from this problem too. And it is cheap enough to replace


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Subject: Dry Erase Board

Does anyone know where I can purchase dry erase board material by the sheet?
The carpentry shop on campus wants $4.12 per square foot. The hardware
store that we have our blanket purchase account with in town cannot order
it. Is there a similar material that is sturdy enough that can be used? We
are going to be using 4' x 3' pieces for group work in several of our labs.

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