Date: Mon, 4 Dec 2000 20:13:50 -0500

Author: "brian holton"

Subject: radio astronomy


Has anyone done any radio astronomy for cheaps? I've been thinking about
doing something with my class, maybe installing a cheap dish on the roof,
and maybe a summer course. But, I know nothing on the subject. I'm
starting to pick up dribs and drabs, but if anyone knows things that REALLY
work, or what to avoid, please let me know - I'd appreciate it.

I hear they have built a nice receiver at Arecebo, but I was thinking
something a little smaller.....

Also, has anyone built an observatory lately? I was wondering what the
costs were for say a 20 inch scope with small observatory.

Guess I'm getting bored and looking for new things to do!

Thanks in advance!

Brian Holton