Date: Mon, 4 Dec 2000 12:07:06 -0500

Author: Mark Phillips

Subject: RE: Hologram Film & Developer


Metrologic sells replacement film for holography which is mounted between
2 plates. The plates affixed together tightly with clips and are normally
rolled out to remove any air bubbles on the film.

I hope this helps.

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Subject: Hologram Film & Developer

To All,

Our optics class does a hologram lab each fall. We are running out of film
fast. Does anyone know a source for glass mounted film? Does anyone have a
good method for mounting film on glass? As usual the lab instructor just
ran out of the D-19 Kodak developer just prior to the lab. The local photo
supply shops do not currently carry this developer. Does anyone know of any
other type of high contrast developer that will work?

Stephen R. Skinner
University of Arkansas
Instructional Laboratory Curator
PHYS 246