Date: Sat, 11 Nov 2000 18:27:32 -0800

Author: Eric Ayars

Subject: Re: Equipment Suppliers


>I don't see the Pasco people driving Porsches.

Just to set the record straight, I drove a Porsche when I was working at Pasco.

It was an early 70's 914. The wiring had once carried a bit more
current than it had been designed for, so the previous owner had
replaced bits of the harness with speaker wire. The fuel injection
computer was still there, but not actually attached. (I never did
figure out how it ever ran at all...) It was about four shades of
blue: original blue, faded original blue on the top surfaces,
not-quite original blue over the bondo'd rusty areas along the
bottom, and bubbly original blue over the rest of the rust. When the
oil drain plug blew out on the freeway, the oil pressure idiot light
never came on, because that part of the wiring harness had been
replaced with defective speaker wire. I sold it for $900, and counted
myself lucky even though the buyer skipped town without ever paying
me the last $200.

It handled nice, though...

Brian's right: Pasco makes good stuff, at a good price for the
quality, and they're good people to work with (or for!) I'd still be
working for them if I didn't have this thing about teaching physics.


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