Date: Wed, 8 Nov 2000 14:47:12 -0800

Author: Karl Trappe

Subject: Re: Gadolinium


Hey: That was the whole point of stocking up on those Canadian
Quarters made of do the Curie Point demo

I thought that Gadolinium was that silvery stuff that looks halfway
between mercury and lead in color, but which will melt in your hand
at just a few degrees above room temp. If this is the same stuff,
and it has interesting magnetic properties, as well, let me know how
it works. Karl

>Does anyone use Gadolinium magnets? Some questions:
>1. What do you do with it? I have been told that it has a high
>Curie Temp point, near room temp, and that when it is warmed a few
>degrees it will lose its magnetic dipole moment. I would like to
>demo the Curie point with it.
>2. Where best to buy it cheap? I need help, because Alpha-Aesar
>stocks only pure, research grade Gadolinium and they want WAY too
>much money.
>Any and all help would be greatly appreciated. Like Schultzey often
>said, "I know nothing!" JZ
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