Date: Thu, 16 Nov 2000 09:03:25 -0500

Author: Jerry Hester

Subject: Re: suspected virus on list


I believe there are several way Netscape mailer may be sending attachments on
Dick's email.
In Preferences:
By default forward messages "inline"or "as attachment" - should be
Identity: "Attach my personal card to messages (as a Vcard) - should not be

I never open attachments unless they have been checked for viruses and I have
been notified ahead to expect them.

Gerald Zani wrote:

> Tappers,
> Q: Has any one other than Roger received a Virus from this list?
> 2nd Q: Has anyone received an attachment with my e-mails?
> My computer does not have a virus. I use Norton anti-virus.
> My e-mails do not have attachments when I send them, nor when I receive them.
> Dick said:
> >Since I have an attached file from you, I'm wondering if you are using
> Netscape too?
> Dick, I use Eudora, not Netscape. When I receive my own postings via tap-l
> they don't have an attachment.
> If you have an attachment from me, it did not originate at my end.
> Dick also said:
> >No attachment was sent with this email. Also when my email comes back to
> me, there is no attachment associated with it.
> Dick, when I received your your e-mail it came with an attachment called
> "FWD: PIRA Website". Your four recent messages all came with attachments.
> Roger, Andy;Could you please clarify?
> JZ
> JZ

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