Date: Tue, 17 Oct 2000 13:10:15 -0400

Author: Machele Bailey

Subject: Re: Hoberman Sphere and Conservation of L


Pictures????? Sounds cool!


"William W. McNairy" wrote:

> Greetings Tappers--
> At the suggestion of a prof in our introductory physics for pre-med course,
> we just constructed an attractive conservation of angular momentum
> demo. Take one (large) Hoberman sphere (see Zany Brainy or other
> children's store). As per enclosed instructions, insert the pulley
> connections into the sphere.
> With carpenter's string (braided, about 200 lb test), tie the pulley to a
> ball bearing swivel. This was also a hint from the (angler) professor--
> these swivels available from WalMart fishing area for about $1.50/3-- works
> much better than traditional brass swivel. Tie the swivel to more string
> and loop the other end of the string through the hook you have in the
> ceiling for the bowling ball pendulum. If you don't have the hook in the
> ceiling for the pendulum, you should. Install one now.
> Adjust the height of the sphere to a comfortable level for the prof. Spin
> the fully extended sphere-- then pull on the cord passing over the pulley
> to force the Hoberman sphere to collapse. Angular velocity increases
> rapidly as the sphere collapses to very small size (decrease in moment of
> inertia). Let out the cord to have the sphere enlarge again-- it
> slows. Repeat this process.
> Students ooohed and aahhed over this one-- pretty sphere, pretty spinning.
> Hoberman spheres available in a variety of colors, including glow in the
> dark models.
> Enjoy!
> bill
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