Date: Fri, 20 Oct 2000 02:20:40 -0500

Author: Clarence Bennett

Subject: Help!


Over the years, my Department has changed, such that we have very few profs
who demonstrate alot and fewer doing lab research.
Most are theorists or Medical Phys types who never show up here.
Also, my colleague, Sally, sometimes has expressed the opinion that stuff
that hasn't been used in two years should be in the garbage can.

Consequently, a lot of stuff, good and bad has been piled in the Pig Barn.
Also, since I have retired, people are wanting my space, which is too full
of good and bad stuff also.
Some of the items ought to go to a museum.

Now, I find out they want to demolish the Barn.

I will see my local friends at tonight's meeting, and the Mich. section on
Saturday, and invite them all to come scrounging.

One of you, I think, knew of someone who stocks old vacuum tubes.
I need his address, and also anyone else who might help with proper disposal.

Clarence P. Bennett
Oakland University Physics
248 370 34718
Rochester, MI 48309