Date: Thu, 07 Sep 2000 08:14:04 -0400

Author: Patrick Hurley

Subject: Re: Fighting a Small Domestic Fire


It should also be noted that CO2 extinguishers are designed for class B
and C fires only. That is flammable liquids and charged electrical
circuits. Most dry chemical extinguishers are ABC extinguishers and are
good for just about anything except for some metal fires. Take it from
a firefighter who has seen all sorts of odd uses for fire extinguishers,
make sure you know what it can do and how to use it before the fire


brian whatcott wrote:

> I had a fire in my workshop/garage this evening.
> On the positive side, I learned how to set up an
> oxy acetylene torch to cut through a shaft.
> On the negative side, I need to make good several
> electrical power leads and replace some parts waiting
> for the right moment to be useful.
> Because fire-fighting is not usually practised at home,
> I hope this note will serve in place.
> I had an open flame. I had shop rags within reach of sparks.
> Flames grew to four feet high and three feet across.
> Despite opening double garage doors at one end, and having
> an open door at the other, the smoke was thick and choking.
> Not overwhelming, but close enough.
> I had several resources for extinguishing flames.
> A CO2 bottle.
> A dry powder cannister
> A garden hose.
> The CO2 bottle blew so fiercely, it spread the flaming shop rags
> round as well as snuffing some flames.
> The garden hose seemed slow acting.
> I was truly surprised by the kitchen sized dry powder design.
> It was by far the fastest, most effective method on this particular
> fire.
> In retrospect, I reached for the CO2 first, because it has been
> waiting in the garage for this occasion for quite a few years.
> There was a dry powder cannister within reach - but it did not
> come to mind immediately.
> Things you might consider:
> a dry powder cannister costs around $10. I can recommend them.
> A garden hose hooked to an outside faucet is a comfort in time
> of need. Nobody every regretted buying too many fire extinguishers.
> If you asked your children and spouse where to find a fire
> extinguisher right now, would everybody know, for sure?
> Sincerely
> Brian
> brian whatcott Altus OK
> Eureka!