Date: Wed, 27 Sep 2000 09:50:12 -0500


Subject: demo timelines


Check out James Burke's books. In Connection he mentions several demos i.e.
In June of 1652 Guericke demonstrated his new vacuum pump to the German Emperor
Ferdinand III Guericke showed that an evacuated sphere weighed less than a non
evacuated sphere, that non spherical shaped evacuated containers collapsed, that
flames went out, mice died and bells made no sound in a vacuum, and of course
the Magdenburg sphere and the horses demo.
1746 French abbot Jean-Antoine Nollet attached a leyden jar to a circle of monks
all holding hands.
17?? Christian Hausen suspended small boys in wooden frames attached then to an
electrostatic generator
Same book also includes a few pictures of demos i.e. Dewar and flask, and a
Professor van Swinden doing demos with the new Leyden jar in the 18th century.
Don Mathieson