Date: Fri, 4 Aug 2000 13:50:46 -0600

Author: "Curry, Robert"

Subject: Re: Pulleys


We bought a lot of the Pasco pulleys. They have not held up as
well as I would expect, considering the price. Part of the problem
came from the rods we used them on. If you buy them, either buy
the Pasco rods to go with them, or make sure that the ones you
use don't have a threaded section long enough to bottom in the
hole. Buy more than you expect to use, because there will be

The old tan ones with the 3 holes that used to be sold by SMA are
more robust, if you can find any of those.

> Good Morning Tappers,
> I am looking for some rod mounted pulleys with ball bearings. Cenco
> doesn't seem to carry them any more.
> Duane