Date: Thu, 27 Jul 2000 18:28:10 -0400

Author: Brian Holton

Subject: Re: Job Opening


Gee whiz, everyone is so touchy. My point was that maybe as a professional organization,
PIRA should see what it can do to raise awareness of how PIRA people could get jobs
elsewhere often for more money (and usually with less "required" skills). I just pointed
to HS teaching since it is probably the most obvious, and one that the salary ranges are
in the public domain.. Tim Cook from Arizona did do a great survey a few years back,
maybe it is time for another. But from what I can read, most people seem to be happy with
their remuneration. Sorry I mentioned it.

Sorry Sam, I know you were looking forward to my fire and brimstone, but I'm not going
this summer. Stuck in the fine overcrowded state of NJ......

Gee, it's good to be back on TAP-L!

milan buncick wrote:

> Machele and friends,
> I think that you should focus on your profession and not worry about what others
> make. That issue is between them and their bosses. If you want to have a tool for
> negotiating salaries the PIRA should do an annual survey of its members.