Date: Wed, 26 Jul 2000 23:06:57 -0700

Author: "Bernard G. Cleyet & Nancy Ann Seese"

Subject: Re: Job Opening



I now realize that I underestimated housing in Si Valley and environs. Housing in I City is << half what it is there and about half here in the boonies (Salinas, home of the Calif. Rodeo and John

Since housing is supposed to take 1 / 3 rd, you calc't. I should have asked for the gasoline price too.

Here's the reply to my query. (below)


P.s I read some where that the typical school teach spends ~> $1k / annum of their own money on school supplies. My wife finds enough of her receipts (I keep finding them and sticking them in the
envelope.) to declare ~ two K! But then she's practically topped out at ~ $70K. (Proud past, pres. and head of negotiating team of a very strong Union -- so strong they've never had to strike.) It's
also a district that has passed every bond proposition that she can remember. The HS school dist. has failed the last three! Remember a super majority is required for tax measures in Calif. Life is
not completely hunky dory though. In order to get money out of mean Gov. Pete for construction, two of the district's schools had to go all year -- Awful.

RE: job opening/housing
Wed, 26 Jul 2000 13:28:04 -0500 (CDT)
Christine Stevens

Dear BC,

Your question regarding housing costs was forwarded to me. I called a
local realtor and asked for a median price for a house in Iowa City and
was told that $75k to $130k would be the range. Apartment rentals vary
between $285/mo for an efficiency to $1300/mo for a 4-bedroom. It is
much less expensive to live in one of the smaller surrounding communities
and many university employees opt for that. If you have any further
questions, please let me know. Thanks for your interest.

Christine Stevens
Human Resources
Department of Physics and Astronomy
214 Van Allen Hall
Voice: 319-335-1690

Brad Shue wrote:

> Brian, I grew up in Iowa for 12 years. It is obvious that you aren't
> Lutheran. The cost of living is really reasonable there. Remember that