Date: Wed, 26 Jul 2000 10:50:39 -0500

Author: milan buncick

Subject: Re: Job Opening


Machele and friends,
I think that you should focus on your profession and not worry about what others
make. That issue is between them and their bosses. If you want to have a tool for
negotiating salaries the PIRA should do an annual survey of its members. The American
Association of Physicists in Medicine does an extensive membership survey and
publishes an annual report that includes work conditions and a breakdown of salaries
by state, region, job description, years experience,etc. It's very extensive and 65%
of the survey respondents reported that they used the survey to improve some aspect of
their jobs last year. The AIP does a similar but much smaller survey of Physicists in
general and I have used that survey in job negotiations. I'm sure that there are
others do do surveys as well. As recall PIRA is a member of organization if AIP and
so is AAPM. I suggest that you lean on these organizations to help establish a member
survey for you as well. You might find the information interesting and useful as

Milan Buncick

Machele Bailey wrote:

> Well, I of course agree that we should get paid more...however, in NC, high school
> teachers are paid dirt. With my MS in physics and no teaching certificate, I'd
> make about 26K...I make more than that as a lab manager (thank goodness!). Also,
> look at the salaries of the professors at your university. Even though WFU has the
> highest paid president in the nation at around 450K, our professors are some of
> the lowest paid in the private college area. I think a new professor here makes
> low 40s. Now the best solutions is to raise salaries all around to make them
> competative...and supposedly they're working on it...
> I'd like to hear some comments on what the ratio is (or even numbers, if people
> are that open) between their personal pay and their professor's pay. I'm at 31K,
> so I get paid about 3/4 of what a professor with my experience would get. If I
> wasn't still sick of homework, I'd think about getting my Ph.D.....
> Chele