Date: Tue, 25 Apr 2000 10:34:38 -0500 (CDT)

Author: Dale Stille

Subject: Re: Gas Law Apparatus



We have had that unit here at Iowa for almost 2 years now. Works great
even without a Pasco interface....we use a Vernier interface. Gives very
nice Heat Engine cycle graphs. The temperature differences for the hot
and cold baths don't have to be that great to get good results. We
typically use a regular ice water bath and fairly hot water (65 to 85 C.)
One thing, the sensors do not come as part of the apparatus, so this gets
much more costly if you have to buy these also.( Two pressure sensors, two
temperature sensors, and a rotary motion sensor). If you already have the
sensors, this is the best way we have found to do this type of experiment
and get accurate data.

Hope this helps,
Dale Stille
U of Iowa

P.S., For lecture demos I have the Pasco Adiabatic Gas Law App. and I
LIKE IT !!!!! ( Page 116, of the 2000 catalog.)

On Tue, 25 Apr 2000, Doug Johnson wrote:

> Does anyone out there have any comments or experience with the
> Pasco Heat Engine/Gas Law Apparatus TD-8572(page 114, 2000 Catalog)?
> We are trying to decide to buy them or purchase the ones that use a syring.
> Thanks in advance for any replies on this. We have a meeting today at 11am
> PST about them.. Doug
> PS.. I guess the biggest question is, are they worth paying the extra money?