Date: Wed, 19 Apr 2000 21:41:03 -0700

Author: Steve Anderson

Subject: RE: Pasco apparatus recomendations


Reply to: RE: Pasco apparatus recomendations

Paul Nord wrote:
>Good Day,
>Can anyone share experiences with Pasco's photoelectric effect apparatus?

We got one and have been pretty happy with it, colorful, works well, easy to use.
costs less than the electrometer, alone, did, in the previous set-up.

a comment on that previous discussion about the e/m tube;

the Uchida system sold by Pasco lets you make spirals & play with a magnet.
the circle measurement system is an edge-illuminated, mirrored
ruler that is "projected" onto the beam to relieve parallax.

Ours have lasted 5 years and the "older, cheaper" Cencos didn't usually make it that long.

The Cenco, contrained to the circles, are easier to measure the beam radius, but don't let you twist the tube in the field or play with the beam in 3-D.

steve anderson
ssu physics & astronomy