Date: Tue, 09 Nov 1999 08:03:09 -0700

Author: Jim Krider

Subject: RE: illustrating lab and demo manuals


I had heard that Vector Works is easier to use and learn than Auto Cad. You
can get a 30 day trial but will not be able to save pictures. If you just
want to draw probably the best is Adobe Photoshop. Paint Shop Pro is
cheaper but harder to find reading material to help you learn such as
tutorials. The bookstore is loaded with books on Adobe products.
Essentially there are two types of drawing, raster images such as
photographs and are in a bit map, jpeg or gif format. The second type is
vector graphics. It is faster but harder to do. The easiest drawing
program of the vector type is Macromedia Flash 2.0. It is primarily for
making movies in the shockwave format but can export single frames in raster
or vector form. And last is Macromedia Fireworks which tries to combine all
forms of art and export them in any format and can even make animated gifs.
It is primarily for web work. The tutorials for all Macromedia products are
excellent. The bookstore has many books on Macromedia products if the
bookstore caters to multimedia types.

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Subject: illustrating lab and demo manuals

Tappers, especially lab manual and demo manual writers:

What recommendations do you have for software for illustrating your lab
and demo manuals? I don't frequently draw, but I will be doing so a lot
more in the coming year. I've been using AutoCAD, because the original
drawings in our lab manual were done in AutoCAD, but AutoCAD is cumbersome
to use at first...and since I don't frequently do drawings, I forget
what I have learned. It would be nice to have a more intuitive, easier to
use program.

I use Paint Shop Pro for pictures, but it's not conveninent for drawing
pictures of apparatus.

This would be for the wintel platform.

Thanks in advance...
Steve Wonnell