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Author: "Michael Thomason"

Subject: RE: DCS questions


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Subject: DCS questions

>1) There are some number/letter combinations missing from the
>DCS, for example: 1B, 1P, 6G.

Sharp eyes! Certain classification codes were reserved in early drafts of
the DCS for possible future insertion of new topics. These gaps are
artifacts of that editing process.

>I am curious if there was some specific reason for this. I have some
>idea of the amount of time and effort that must have gone into
>creating the DCS and the tough decisions and tradeoffs involved.
>Just wondering for my own interest, and so I can answer those
>faculty who ask these annoying questions.

>2) articles in The Physics Teacher:
>would it be possible to coordinate somehow with the editorial staff of
>the Physics Teacher to have DCS numbers included with published
>articles? I could imagine that preprints would be sent to someone in
>PIRA who would decide on the appropriate number which would then >be
included with the article when it was published. This has probably
>been suggested before - would it work?

This is a great suggestion for Jerry Zani, the chair of our DCS Committee to
act on (And somehow I suspect he already is!).

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