Date: Thu, 18 Nov 1999 14:48:05 -0700

Author: Jerry DiMarco

Subject: Re: Demo room renovations



I would definitely encourage you to take the time to think not only
about your storage requirements, but also about how you use the room. You
may have to compromise a little on storage capacity to make the room usable
long term.
All of our metal shelves are the industrial shelves carried by
McMaster-Carr. Half are 3ft wide, the other half 4ft wide. They are all
the same depth (18"), which allows maximum versatility when it comes time
to move shelves around. 99% of my demos don't hang over the edge, though I
see no problem with going to a deeper shelf. If I were to start over (in a
more spacious room), I'd probably go with 2ft deep shelves. What I really
would like is some wider shelves, 5 or 6 footers. McMaster has those too.
I find the 7ft height just right since I can reach a lot of the demos on
top shelves without a "boost". The shelves are set into clips which fit
into slots or holes in the uprights, and can be adjusted easily. What
remains to be worked out is earthquake-proofing my storage areas. This is
a serious concern here because we have the same seismic risk as the LA
area. It has to do with our proximity to Yellowstone. Does anyone have
tips to share about that?
For the most part, I was able to organize the demos according to the
DCS. But for the really long stuff, like the rocket sled, various boards,
poles, etc, I had to go with vertical storage in a separate area. These
units are essentially a set of very deep shelves turned on their side and a
set of deep cubby holes laid on their back. I scavenged these in our
recent move. Also, if you don't have wooden shelves for your magnets, I
would highly recommend that. Hope you can fit it all in...

Jerry D.


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