Date: Thu, 18 Nov 1999 14:00:36 -0600

Author: Ed Dudak

Subject: Re: Demo room renovations


Having just gone through a renovation, I can say that while the
depth of the shelves may not matter too much, being able to eaisly adjust
the height is of critical importance. We got shinny new steel shelving
which looked great until I decided to actually put our demo equipment on
them. Then, since demo stuff comes in various heights, I needed to move up
or down a few of the shelves and found it was impossible to do alone and
not much easier with help. So, check out what they plan to buy and make
sure it can be adjusted by one person without a crane. Secondly, be sure
you have thought out how many and where to put electrical outlets in the
room and especially have some in the floor if possible. Third, be sure
you can darken the room to the same level as the lecture rooms so optics
demos can be tried out before they get to the lecture. A pull down screen
would be good, but we have white walls which can do fine just to check out
a projector or preview slides and things.

>It looks like we might be getting some money for renovations to our
>demo room. The room is approx 19 by 20 feet with counters along two
>walls. For demo storage we have seven metal storage units, 3 feet
>wide, 2 feet deep and 7 feet high, and two filing cabinets. This is
>completely inadequate - demos are piled all over the counters and on
>the floor.
>I was thinking of having floor to ceiling shelves installed on the two
>free walls. Does anyone have any suggestions as to depth, height,
>width of shelves or anything to avoid? I find small items tend to get
>lost on 2 feet deep shelves so was thinking of 18 inches or possibly
>some 12 inches deep and some 2 feet deep.
>I was also thinking of asking for a small magnetic blackboard and a
>screen so demos which use these could be tried out in the demos room.
>Any suggestions as to other additions which would be worthwhile?
>Thanks in advance
>Jeff Rudd
>Physics Dept
>Simon Fraser University
>Burnaby BC Canada V5A 1S6

Ed Dudak
Physics Department Technical Assistant
Grinnell College
Grinnell, Iowa