Date: Fri, 12 Nov 1999 11:38:09 +0000


Subject: Re: Special Tube Search


I'm still searching but not real aggressively now. I was told
this tube idea orginated at Berkley as part of a lab series, but
when I contacted a suggested Professor there, He couldn't recall
it at all and kinda' shielded me from inquiring directly with
the Tech staff.
I'm still interested. How's your search. I even tried England.
I believe there are still some lying around in some dusty store
room and the owners don't know what they have.
Right now I'm searching for a discontinued Power Op Amp made
only by National, LM759CP. They sold for a couple bucks... now
afew people want $20.00 ea. for a min order of 20!! Thats too
expensive for me.
... any way, How's your search??
LeRoy Frahm
Lawrence U

On Mon, 08 Nov 1999 15:34:27 -0800 (Jim McConville) wrote:

>>Good Afternoon All,
>> I'm on a search for what my be a limited and
>>rare tube once used in Physics. If not available
>>by a supplier , maybe its in your inventory or a
>>dusty box in the far store room. It is a:
>> Ferranti GRD-7 with an octal base
>> about 5 inches tall and 1.2 inches dia.
>> Made in England
>Hi, Did you ever find your Child's Law tube? I'm looking too. Best,
>-Jim McConville
>5197 Pioneer Road
>Medford, OR 97501