Date: Sat, 09 Oct 1999 14:41:26 -0700

Author: "Bernard G. Cleyet & Nancy Ann Seese"

Subject: Re: Barkhausen


I think it's more the size of the grains and the nature of the grain
boundaries. Since a microscope is necessary to see both mag. domains and
grains, I don't think xformer lamination are 2-D. Any one tried mag. tape or
soft (floppy) or hard disk material? The domain size - I'd expect is very
small -- low coercivity?


Ps. A step toward quantifying would be to use a second coil and a ram
generator instead of a PM.

William Beaty wrote:

> On Fri, 8 Oct 1999, Duane Warn wrote:
> > Thanks for all the responces. I got my hausen to Bark.
> >
> > I finally took a small spool of wire and wired it to a Radioshack
> > amplifier, stuck an iron rod through it, and moved it aroung a big magnet
> > making a lot of sandpaper like hissing.
> I found that thin iron sheet (pieces of transformer laminations) work even
> better. It gives loud crackling. (Why? Maybe the domains entirely flip
> in 2-D structures, but in 3-D structures they rotate?)
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