Date: Fri, 29 Oct 1999 16:45:50 -0400

Author: Chuck Britton

Subject: Re: Lear Jet crash


I'm gonna resend this to my resident pilot colleague, but I suspect
the answer might be related to the greater difficulty of 'holding
your breath' when the ambient pressure has fallen pretty low.

At 2:46 PM -0400 10/29/99, Wolfgang Rueckner wrote:
>Since the subject of the Lear Jet has come up, I have a question concerning
>the accident. The media claimed (many times) that the people on board had
>about 5 seconds to put on their oxygen masks before they were doomed.
>Well, a person can hold his/her breath for at least a minute, especially if
>your life depended on it. So my question is, what happens to you in 5 or
>10 seconds that an oxygen mask is going to prevent? I assume that at that
>kind of altitude one would suffer from some form of "the bends," but I
>wouldn't think an oxygen mask would prevent that. Wolfgang