Date: Wed, 27 Oct 1999 11:38:34 +0000


Subject: Re: Whiteboards and Magnets


I use the the same magnets too, but to protect the white board,
I coated the surface of the magnets with liquid vinyl. Its available
at hardware stores and commonly use to coat tool handles. The magnets
are still very strong and no scratches. I used the red color to call
attention to users.
Good Luck,
LeRoy Frahm, Lawrence University, Appleton WI

On Tue, 26 Oct 1999 16:13:34 -0600 (Jerry
DiMarco) wrote:
> I have converted all BBO elements from suction cup to magnet bases.
>After experimenting with a few different magnet types (including the
>flexible strip magnets) I ended up using 2" & 3" diam. ceramic pot
>that I got from the hardware store. Not only do they have sufficient
>holding strength, but you can use or easily adapt the existing hardware
>mount them. These magnets are almost too strong. One instructor
>accidently chipped the board by pulling one of the magnets off at an
> You must pull them straight off...

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