Date: Tue, 26 Oct 1999 12:19:21 -0400

Author: (Brian Holton)

Subject: Re: Whiteboards

Post: writes:
>We use the Sanford Expo and Expo 2 markers.

We use Expo and Expo 2 markers. Our boards are pristene, but I have found that
the Expo 2's really are annoying when it comes to erasing. They seem to be
"oil-y-er" for lack of a better term. If you use black and erase, after a
board or two, it will be awful. We thought it was the cleaner or cleaner, but
turned out to be the markers. Expos do not exhibit that problem and clean well
on our boards, in fact, I use a dust broom instead of eraser to clear the board.

As far as steel backed whiteboards - are you sure yours aren't already steel

my two cents.

Brian Holton